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The Church in the Pandemic: Kuching

Paul Ling from Kuching, Malaysia, attended the Asia Intensive in Bangkok this March and he went out of the Intensive with much eagerness and passion to start his ministry in Kuching but God had different plans for his life and the pandemic has made him realize that. This is his story narrated in a recent interview with City to City Asia Pacific.

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In Adversity, Rehearse History

The extent of loss and hardship during this time is beyond measure. I don’t know what you are enduring right now, whether it is the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, depression from isolation, a struggle to cope with an addiction…need I go on? Even those who have skated through this pandemic without major losses are possibly, even probably, struggling emotionally or motivationally.

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A New Dawn

A new dawn has come to Malaysia. A year ago, for the first time in 61 years, the Malaysian people saw a change in the ruling government of their land. The public turned out in droves — kingmakers and powerbrokers in their own right — bringing to bear the force of the ballot box. Having…

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Marvel, DC, and our Need for Outside Intervention

Do you prefer the Marvel Universe or DC Universe? You may or may not care, but my children have strong opinions on this issue and can give articulate reasons for which universe they think is better. It gives me some comfort to know that they know both universes are pure fiction. However, although they are…

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The Incarnate Deity

As we approach Christmas season, remembering Christ’s birth, let us also consider the implications of the narrative. To say that Jesus was Incarnate Deity, might seem logically problematic for two reasons. Firstly, to say that Christ is both God and man would seem logically contradictory. After all, God is infinite, able to accomplish all that…

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Transcultural Community

What does it mean to be a transcultural community? South African pastor One Mokgatle defines “Transcultural” as “a community that reflects, embraces and enjoys the diversity of its context, but by the power of the gospel transcends it and creates one new community in Christ”. When we planted Regeneration Church in the city of Monash,…

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