Various Speakers | 4 May 2024
We often define our identity by what we do FOR God rather than who we are IN Christ.
Sometimes, beneath the facade of faithfulness and fruitfulness, lurk the shadows of pride and unbelief.
How can we love and serve our Father and others from a place of groundedness in Christ?
Brian S. | 16 April 2024
Learn how to identify and break the idols of your heart.
Various Speakers | 23 March 2024
How does our understanding of God’s omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence impact our lives today? This seminar will help you learn how to depend on our Father in the midst of the busyness of ministry and life.
林天赐牧师,刘利宇牧师,苏昕弟兄 | 2024年3月11-13日
林天赐牧师 | 2024年2月28日
Various Speakers | 30 September 2023
We all experience shame in one way or another. Is there a need to discuss it? Why can’t we simply tough it out and ignore shame? It is important to address shame because it can lead to a string of other sin issues–how we perceive ourselves, how we treat others, and even how we view God! In this Intensive, we will examine shame, not from a self-help perspective, but by processing it through the gospel.
Wilson Moy | 26 September 2023
What does the continual rediscovery of the gospel look like in the daily life of a believer?
林天赐牧师 | 2023年8月29日


Various Speakers | 29 July 2023
Ministry can be tough, but you don’t have to face it alone. Discover powerful tools to navigate challenges and explore themes of calling, community, and idolatry. Equip yourself with the gospel’s transformative power.
Samuel Nesan | 13 July 2023
How does the gospel help us deal with suffering in everyday life? How can we make sense of suffering in order to live a meaningful life?
Various Speakers | 29 April 2023
Are you struggling to find refuge in your justification in Christ? Do you want to grow in holiness and experience true repentance? If so, join us at the Gospel Tools Intensive, where we’ll introduce you to visual gospel tools that can help address these questions.
Adam G. | 28 March 2023
Do you want to experience the life-changing power of the Gospel? The webinar on Gospel Power will help you understand how the Good News can save and transform your life. You’ll also learn how the Gospel relates to all domains of life.
Dar, Ruth and Gabrielle | 18 March 2023
How do we learn and minister effectively in the midst of our own brokenness? This seminar is an introduction of visual tools to minister to your own heart as well as the hearts of those you are coming alongside.
苏昕弟兄 | 2023年2月23日
林天赐牧师 | 2022年10月29日
Louisa Chan | 1 October 2022
Amidst chaotic and uncertain times, we often wonder about our identity and its implications. Who am I, really? We sort of know about sonship but … What does that mean, really? And how do I live in that awareness?
Dar Brubaker | 10 September 2022
Learn how to walk in the power of the gospel and rest in the wisdom and love of our Heavenly Father.
杨传道牧师 | 2022年8月20日
Guest Trainer | 6 August 2022
This webinar introduces us to the renewal framework and how it can help believers achieve lasting inward transformation.
Andrew Katay | 28 May 2022
This webinar helps leaders facilitate true, lasting Christian growth in the lives of others.
黄伟南牧师 | 2022年4月9日
什么才是偶像? 一个雕像或崇拜的物品? 一个明显错误的想法或信仰?基督徒怎样才能对偶像有一个更准确的理解,从而导致真正的改变?
Darlene | 19 March 2022
Feelings of burnout, depression and failure are not uncommon in our day to day life. How can you remain resilient as a Christian woman seeking to be obedient to God’s calling?
Various Trainers | March-October 2022
Are you wanting to grow personally as a shepherd of God’s people and a leader in the local church? Are you wanting to lead with gospel-centrality but struggling with the implications of that for your local church? The Incubator is designed to help the minister grow and be renewed in the gospel.
Kevin Murphy | 26 February 2022
Through this webinar, participants learn how to speak the gospel with precision and ease. 
林天赐牧师 | 2022年2月19日
Tim Nicholls | 27 November 2021
Parents are the single most important influence on their children. As Christian parents we want to bring up our children to know and love Christ, but often we don’t know where to begin. 
Mario Suwendy | 5-week online course
How People Change is an online five-week course based on Paul David Tripp and Timothy Lane’s book How People Change. How People Change is an introduction to biblical counseling. The course explains the integral role of counseling in the church community. And explore how to care for, engage with, and walk alongside people with a confidence rooted in the Bible.
Mario Suwendy | 11 September 2021
Explore the basic elements and functions of Biblical Counseling. In addition, learn how to walk alongside others in addressing shame.
Akshay Rajkumar | 24 July 2021
In this webinar, we explored another element of the renewal framework – repentance. What is the importance of repentance in our Christian walk?
苏昕弟兄 | 2021年7月17日
何为“宗教“ ,“无宗教”,以及福音这三条人生路?经文如何解析福音作为唯一的救恩路,如何与前两者对立?
Anand Mahadevan | 29 May 2021
Explore your personal experience with faith and discover how you can practise the work of faith for inner transformation and renewal.
Dar, Wendy & Utako | 18 May 2021

Parakaleo training and support provide a grid for living and viewing life through the lens of the gospel with practical, tangible tools.

王一乐牧师 | 2021年3月11日
Kyle Essary | 16 January 2021
Once we understand the gospel is there “something more”? How can we stop understanding the gospel as the first step of faith and start thinking of it as the lens by which we see everything else?
Gideon Lim | 19 September 2020
Why is it importance for us to understand and live out our Sonship? Why is it easier for us to live as orphans than dearly loved children?
Massimo Gei | 22 August 2020
What are your natural tendencies to conflict management? How can we approach conflict resolution in a gospel-centered way?
Wong Fong Yang | 25 July 2020
What is contextualization? What does the bible says about it? How can we apply it today?
杨希伯 | 2020年7月23日
Ian Chris | 27 June 2020
What is the role of the Holy Spirit in bringing about lasting renewal and transformation in our hearts? What is the importance of repentance, faith and love in this process? 
Meng | 30 May 2020
What are the two opposing systems of salvation? How can we understand and apply gospel as third way in our lives?
陈彪,刘彼得,王一乐,林天赐 (主持人) | 2020年4月28日
Dar & Utako | 23 April 2020
What is our Gospel Footing? What is our identity? How can we live out our identity? 
Nate Newell | 18 April 2020
What does the bible says about idol? How can we identify and dismantle our idols?
陈彪,刘彼得,王一乐 | 2019年8月22日