Gospel City Network (GCN) is a group of Christian leaders that believe true transformation comes through the gospel of Jesus Christ and the primary vehicle for spreading and embodying the gospel is the church. Based upon this belief we will encourage and equip new and existing churches to be vibrant in health, theology, and mission resulting in reproducing churches. These new churches will represent the diversity of our beloved city.


Transforming the City through Church Planting and Renewal 

Nearly one-fourth of Malaysia’s population lives in Metro KL (Klang Valley). Thousands more from all over the world relocated to KL to work, study, or seek asylum. These circumstances present us the opportunity to impact this nation, this region, and ends of the earth through church planting.

The diversity of KL requires a variety of churches to reach the many languages, cultures, subcultures, neighborhoods, and social classes of the city. We focus on a dual-pronged strategy:

  • Church Planting

    We are a network that encourages, equips, and enhances church planting so that it becomes normative for churches to reproduce consistently. The Gospel City Network is partnered with Redeemer City to City, which is a global network focused on starting gospel-centered churches in global cities around the world.

  • Church Renewal

    Christians experience ebbs and flows in our personal spiritual walks, similarly churches experience ebbs and flows. Church life can get stuck in behavior patterns, betraying the spiritual vibrancy offered by a full embrace of the truths of the gospel. Renewal comes from God, but there are ways in which the church can prepare for renewal. GCN will serve to facilitate dialogue with the local church through encouraging and equipping leaders in preparing for renewalIn both of these endeavors, we provide a network where leaders can be encouraged and challenged to start and lead flourishing churches that engage the whole city with the gospel.

Content Generation for Christian Leaders

Christians in Kuala Lumpur need robust Christian thinking, discussions, and engagement of issues facing urban Christians in Malaysia. We want to create a platform for ideas and discussions to make their way to Christian leaders in order to deepen the level of discipleship as well as address questions and concerns faced by many Christians. In some ways, it is a matter of packaging what we have been doing informally on a monthly basis using professionally produced multimedia platforms. Our desire is for a greater number of Christians in Metro KL to be able to engage issues of everyday life with a gospel-centered grid.

  • Media Platforms – In our fast-paced urban society, we digest information through soundbites, video clips, and short articles. The world is discipling people through these mediums and the time is nigh for gospel-centered materials be made available in similar formats.

  • Conferences/Monthly Gatherings – Sound theology and biblically-based ministry practices have been under emphasized in the church. GCN will host conferences and regular times of discussion that provide good theological teaching as well provide a community for relevant gospel-related issues.