Clear Vision, Powerful Ministry

ReVision is a powerful workshop suitable for churches of varied sizes, denominational backgrounds, and diverse leadership styles.

This workshop helps align everyone with a common mission by articulating what God has called them to be and fostering consensus on how to bring it into fruition.
Spanning two days, the ReVision workshop systematically identifies specific goals, interventions, and programs necessary to actualise the envisioned future.


Why emphasise Vision?
A well-defined vision accomplishes the following:
  • Paints an inspiring picture of the future
  • Provides direction and catalyses movement
  • Ignites engagement and ownership
  • Focuses time, talent, and resources
  • Grants leaders the freedom to decline certain opportunities


Conversely, a lack of vision results in:
  • A blurred image of the future
  • Inertia and stagnation
  • Apathy and disengagement
  • Resource dispersion leading to burnout
  • Increased vulnerability to accepting every opportunity


Anticipated Impact on Your Ministry
The ReVision workshop is meticulously crafted to guide each church or ministry toward achieving:
  • Clarity regarding their vision, with a distinctive understanding of their divine calling and destination
  • The ability to dream expansively and cultivate faith for endeavours beyond the immediate horizon
  • Renewed unity, hope, and passion centred around the unique work to which God has called the church
  • Ministry activities that aligns with their missional focus
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