Praxis is a monthly gathering of pastors and leaders who come together to discuss practical theologies and pray as a group, followed by a lunch fellowship. 

We have covered topics such as:

  • Church Discipline

  • What is the Gospel

  • Discipleship to the Heart

  • Ministry and Marriage

  • Jesus for all peoples

  • Developing a City Vision for the Gospel

  • Reaching and Caring for Urban Young Professionals

  • Pastoring in the Times of COVID-19

  • Theological Education & The Local Church

  • Sonship & Leadership

And more. 


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  • 疫情当下,教会如何更新?

  • 疫情当下,如何计划2021?

  • 主日证道事工的编排

  • 讲章准备的过程

  • 事奉的喜与悲