Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray and hope all of you have been keeping well, even in the midst of the different events that has transpired in our nation and beyond, of which includes the global health risk posed by COVID-19.
Pertaining to that, we regret to inform you that the Gospel Essentials conference which was to be held on 26-27 March, 2020 at Heritage Centre will be rescheduled to a later date. 
We truly apologize for this postponement. All of us at GCN, Pastor John and the Desiring God team have been working round-the-clock and were really looking forward to this conference.
However, with the worsening conditions around the world, we think it is best and more responsible to postpone the conference. This is also to protect our Desiring God friends as COVID-19 in the USA escalates and further public health advisories and border controls for travelers may come into effect.
We understand that this change may cause great inconvenience and disappointment for you and are sincerely sorry, especially to those of you who have already made travel and accommodation plans. We seek your kind understanding and treasure prayers for the postponement of this gospel conference.
Pastor John Piper and the Desiring God team are still very passionate and dedicated to come to Kuala Lumpur but we will only be able to confirm the exact dates much later.
We will offer full refunds of your registration fees and you’ll receive a notification email once your refund has been processed.
Alternatively, GCN in partnership with Desiring God  would be glad to offer you a “God is the Gospel ” book  by John Piper (for evening tickets) and “God is the Gospel + Expository Exultation “ (for leaders seminar / full conference) in exchange of your fees should that be your preference. (Please note that only a limited stock is available, and this offer will only be available at first come first serve basis while stock lasts.) You may also opt to donate the fees to GCN to help with the irrecoverable costs already occurred in planning this Conference. 
UPDATE: Refund period is over. 
For further questions, please contact us at