The Bible Tells a Story


With you in it.


It starts with the creation story but is followed by the disgraceful fall in the Garden.


And so mankind is doomed. “The world is fallen and needs redemption.”


We are told that when we believe in the Lord Jesus we will be saved from this impending wrath. This is commonly understood as the Two-Chapter gospel.
If all that matters is where we end up at the end of the story then our lives and career have no purpose, meaning, or significance.


“If the goal is to escape out of this world, then we will minimize the goodness of God’s creation.” Dr Kyle Essary


The Four-Chapter Gospel
You may have heard of this version of the gospel story with Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration. Four chapters, acknowledgeing the goodness of creation and the reality of redemption. Surely, this would present a more complete picture! 


But something still seems missing.


With the version of the story, how does the Gospel relate to the day-to-day realities at work, in the family, and at church?


Where are we now in the Redemption chapter? Have we already been saved? Or are we still waiting to be saved?


Or are we somewhere in between?
With the Four-Chapter Gospel, how do we see the work of Christ and the Holy Spirit in our lives now on earth? What difference does the Gospel make in our day-to-day lives?


Enters the Five-Chapter Gospel
There is a Gospel story with five chapters. It gives meaning and purpose to what we do here and now in the already-and-not-yet.


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