A Gospel conference with John Piper. 


26th – 27th March, 2020 

At Heritage Centre, Petaling Jaya


John Piper will be sharing on expository teaching in the leaders seminar and how the Gospel relate to joy and suffering in the evening talks. 


26th March 2020

Leaders Seminar

9.00am Registration
9.30am Expository Exultation (John Piper)
11.00am Break
11.20am Ask Pastor John (John Piper)
12.30pm Lunch
1.15pm Pastors Panel
2.15pm The Gospel & Theological Vision (Guna Raman & Gideon Lim)
3.00pm Break
3.20pm Workshop 1
4.20pm Break
4.40pm Workshop 2
5.40pm Closing

Evening Talk 1

7.00pm Registration
8.00pm The Gospel & Suffering (John Piper)
10.00pm End

27th March 2020

Evening Talk 2

7.00pm   Registration
8.00pm   The Gospel & Joy (John Piper)
10.00pm   End


1 2
Full Conference
26 & 27 March 2020


– Leaders Seminar
– Both Evening Talks
Leaders Seminar Only
26 March 2020


– 26 Day Session only (9am – 6pm)
3 4
Both Evening Talks
26 & 27 March 2020

– Evening Talk 1  AND
– Evening Talk 2

One Evening Talk Only
26 or 27 March 2020
RM30 / talk 

– Evening Talk 1  OR
– Evening Talk 2



1.The Gospel as Third Way 

– The participants will construct a biblical foundation for understanding the gospel as a third way
– The participants will evaluate conceptual model for the gospel and two opposing systems of salvation
– The participants will apply this conceptual model to Scripture passages
– The participants will recognize the influence of primarily religious and moralistic tendencies of every person
– The participants will formulate a plan for developing a means to understand and apply the gospel as a third way in their live


2. Gospel Renewal Dynamics

– The participants will explore a viable understanding of inward transformation and renewal
– The participants will discover the role of faith, repentance and the means of grace in the process of renewal


3. Preaching the Gospel to the Heart

– The participants will explore , the purpose and importance of preaching to the heart
– The participants will construct a biblical foundation and gospel Centered approach for Christ centered  preaching
– The participants will examine a theological anthropology of a human and how the human heart works in relation to the other parts of the individual’s being
– The participant will critique their own methodology in preaching and understand to which part of the individual’s being they preach towards
– The participants will formulate a plan for developing in Christ-centered preaching


4. Gospel Essentials for Ministry Minded Women/Pastors Wives (Women only)

Parakaleo trains in practical theology – practicing what we know to be true. Often we experience a disconnect between what know to be true (head knowledge) and how we live daily life (from the heart, the mouth speaks). Through interactive and visual tools, we provide intensives to equip women for speaking the Gospel to their own hearts. We also provide training & support for women who are called to come alongside others in ministry.

For this workshop, we will be wrestling with the topic of Voices, Verdicts, and Identity: How do I remain grounded in God amidst the busy-ness and pressures of ministry? How do I know if I am performing well in my ministry role? What does it mean for me to be a christian leader & shepherd in a male-dominated/male-led church?


Get in touch with us at events@gospelcitynetwork.com.